Color Reference

Speaker's view in color reference task.


Size: 948 games; 53,365 utterances.

Description: Players saw three color swatches. Trials were split evenly among three conditions manipulating the context to give rise to different pragmatic language use. In the far condition, all three colors were far apart in space (e.g. one was reddish, one was greenish, one was blueish). In the split condition, the target was close to one of the other objects but far away from the other (e.g. two were reddish, one was blue). In the close condition, all three colors were close in space (e.g. three subtly different shades of red).


Raw data can be found with its own README on github.


Monroe, W., Hawkins, R. X. D., Goodman, N. D., & Potts, C. (2017). Colors in Context: A Pragmatic Neural Model for Grounded Language Understanding. arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.10186.